The Snacking..

When I started this blog I wanted to be completely real, express everything that was going on and hopefully inspire someone along the way.. So often I talk about my journey of changing eating habits 5 years ago and beginning a healthier lifestyle - a more balanced lifestyle! Well I'm here to talk about how [...]

802 Challenge..

You know how Facebook shows events happening around town that sound fun so you put 'Interested' then you never actually attend? The idea of doing something out of your comfort zone or out of the ordinary seems like fun but when the event finally comes around you rarely actually go. Well this is me on [...]

My Bliss Project: the Volcano

Over the past weekend I travelled to Newport Beach, CA to The Bliss Project with two people that are dear to my heart; Nikki & Candace. Now I could go into great detail about what The Bliss Project is all about, all the people I met and the feelings that arose but today I'm not. [...]

3 Day Fast Complete

Huge response from my first post, over the past few days I've been thinking what now?! What do I talk about.. Well here it goes! This week I decided to do an Intermittent Fast. There is so much research out there with advantages and disadvantages to doing a Fast, you have to do what is [...]

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