Meditation saves the day!

A week ago today I had a breakdown.. the stress of money finally got to me and I couldn’t handle it anymore. So I went for my usual guidance, Nikki! She reminded me that money isn’t everything and this can easily be changed around, plus to look at everything I have accomplished instead of everything I hadn’t!

How often do you tell yourself a lie because you haven’t completed something in the amount of time you thought it would take?

I realized I tell myself lies all day, everyday! You’re not good enough, not smart enough, no one would listen to your advice, the list goes on & on! Ever since last Tuesday I have been working everyday to flip the script – when a negative thought comes in I change it with a positive affirmation.

  • I am capable of being an entrepreneur
  • I am knowledgeable
  • I am smart
  • I am ENOUGH!

Another tool that REALLY changed my mindset on Tuesday was my meditation practice, 10 minutes of focusing on breathwork while guided by Tamara Levitt (Calm App) completed changed the day around.

Do you ever hear you should incorporate meditation into your life and think the person is crazy?

I’ve been there! Thinking how can sitting in silence really work, that’s not for me.. until I tried it!!! I have been meditating with guided meditations for over a year now and I can tell you when I skip a day, weeks or sometimes a month there is a difference, I am all over the place! Easily distracted and cruel to myself.

Last Tuesday after the 10 minutes I got the courage to reach out to friends inquiring about job positions, created content for our dance studio, completed 10 makeovers for the first time by myself! Slowing down and relaxing my mind created confidence, ideas, a better wellbeing.. pushed the doubts aside!

Next time you’re having a bad hour, day, week.. stop! message a friend who you can confide in, find a quiet place for 5-10 minutes and just breathe!

Everyday is different – take the good with the bad but keep working to love yourself!

Let’s do this together

I am amazing! I can do this! I am here to do great things!

xo. Shan

Published by livingfreechick

My name is Shannon, in August 2014 I decided to make a change in my life... Started working out on the regular, eating Clean foods 80-90% of the time and began working on my mindset. I'm here to talk to you all about food, working out, non-toxic products, dance and living a free life - whatever that means to you!

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