Listen to your body

What does health mean to you?… Is health something you invest time in?… Do you listen to your body’s needs and take action?

Fun fact.. The body has the potential to heal itself with itself! Yep thats right, we’re working machines – with the right nutrition for YOUR body, water, balance in your Circle of Life (career, social life, finances, relationships, physical activity, home environment, etc.) your machine has the ability to run to it’s fullest capacity!

Too often we think of a quick fix with ourselves whether it be dieting for a vacation or automatically turning to prescriptions for a cold, but just like a car if you put in half a tank you’re only going to go so far. We need to start letting our machines do their thing and stop overly demanding them, breathe and get some rest!

Let’s make May the month where we intuitively ask our machines – the body, what it needs in order to go the distance. Is it more sleep? A walk? Water? Catching up with friends? Take some time for yourself and in time you will start to see differences in your body, mind & soul.

Self- Care is one of the best medicines, it’s the foundation of well-being & happiness. So, why not follow through and respect what your body needs.

Recently I have been trying to eat slower, meditate more and enjoy friendships. Comment below what Self Care looks like to you.

xo. Shan

Published by livingfreechick

My name is Shannon, in August 2014 I decided to make a change in my life... Started working out on the regular, eating Clean foods 80-90% of the time and began working on my mindset. I'm here to talk to you all about food, working out, non-toxic products, dance and living a free life - whatever that means to you!

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