802 Challenge..

You know how Facebook shows events happening around town that sound fun so you put ‘Interested’ then you never actually attend? The idea of doing something out of your comfort zone or out of the ordinary seems like fun but when the event finally comes around you rarely actually go. Well this is me on the regular! I will click ‘Interested’ on so many events that sound cool and never go but not this time! Nope this time I actually made a commitment to something I’ve been ‘Interested’ in for at least a year… that event was climbing 802 stairs of the Calgary Tower. This was a challenge for so many reasons; small fear of heights & open stairs (where you can see the ground through the stairs), thoughts of how would my legs hold up and really I’ve never done anything like it before. T

As soon as we parked the adventure began! Of course with me announcing my comedian dream last week everything now is “content” (says Nikki & Candace) lol … Candace & I get into the elevator from the parkade, the guy next me looks at us and says ‘Nice hats, SOUL hmm what’s that all about?’ we start telling him they’re from the Bliss Project and about Lori Harder, I tell him she does Podcasts which he answers ‘Oh I wouldn’t know her, I’m not much of a Pod guy’… I didn’t know their was slang for listening to Podcasts, should I start telling people I’m a Pod girl?

We make it to the Calgary Tower, pay our $10 entry and are told we can climb as many times as we want, I responded with ‘haha, it’s like you think we’d do it more than once.. does anyone?’ Turns our the record is 15 times!!! and the fastest time was 4 minutes – my stomach drops in that moment. The little voice inside me started the comparison game, ‘I can’t do it that fast or that many times’ but it doesn’t matter how many times or how fast I go I’m doing this for me!

So with our sparkly backpacks (borrowed by a 5 year old & a 7 year old), Soul Hats and runners we began the climb of 802 stairs. The first 15 steps totally good then the stairs become open and you can see the ground, gulp! Eyes forward and lets keep going. It was one of those moments where I thought we were at 100 stairs when it was actually 350, bonus!!! Then my legs/left hip started going numb around the 500ish mark, ‘You got this Shan, you’re over halfway – come on!’ we motored through and got to the top in about 10-12 minutes. Once at the top we decided to face another fear of standing on the glass floor, gulp!

It was time to make our way down.. I actually think the going down was scarier than the going up because the stairs were steep and always on the last 3 steps I felt I was about to bail ‘Please don’t fall down the stairs on all these people, Please don’t fall down the stairs on all these people’ Phew! made it down, it’s all over and the ground feels like its shaking. Grab our coats, on our way out… should we do it again? Yep let’s do it!

Fears were conquered, legs were worked, sights were seen and high fives were given.

What’s the next fear I can cross off my list?

xo. Shan

Published by livingfreechick

My name is Shannon, in August 2014 I decided to make a change in my life... Started working out on the regular, eating Clean foods 80-90% of the time and began working on my mindset. I'm here to talk to you all about food, working out, non-toxic products, dance and living a free life - whatever that means to you!

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