The Journey Begins

Hi there! Let me introduce myself… My name is Shannon; I am a 30 year old single woman living in the beautiful city of Calgary, AB, Canada. After 12 years of insurance I decided to take a leap of faith and leave my job to follow a passion in my heart with that I rented out my condo and am currently living with my older sister (Nikki), her husband (Greg) and their two girls (Ella & Piper) who I also nanny! My older brother (Brian) and his wife (Heather) also have two kids (Gunnar & Hayden) – I’d have to say being an aunt is probably my favourite title I get!

What do I love to do? That’s easy! Dance… Since I can remember I have danced.. my mom has owned a dance studio my entire life and from the moment I could walk I was hooked! From car dance parties to choreographing a piece for my dancers (aka my kids) when I hear music I can’t help but move. So, after two years in the works Nikki and I are finally opening up our own dance studio here in Calgary – we are so excited to bring our love of dance, positive mindset and living free into one place!! I will be sharing our journey with you over the next 6 months as we work to build this brand-new studio.

Dance may be number one in my heart but I also love… Working out; moving my body and lifting weights help me escape my mind and feel my best. Cooking; I love getting into the kitchen and trying a new recipe! Meet-ups with my girlfriends; whether it’s over coffee, dinner or just a quick chat I love connecting with other woman. Essential Oils; peppermint for my headaches was life changing! This is what got me hooked.. and now I love being able to use products that are safe.

Why did I chose the name Living Free Chick? Well in August 2014 I decided to make a change in my life because I wasn’t completely happy with anything. Committed myself to moving my body 4 – 5 times a week, eating clean and knocking fast food & pop out of my life. In July 2017, I enrolled at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition online course; a year long course to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Over that year I learned how food has a major impact on your mind & body and how everything is connected. Midway through the course I decided to take it one step further from food and started looking at how products we put on our body and in our homes also affect us – my mind was blown! We put how many chemicals on our body before even leaving the house each day? I slowly started transitioning all my daily products from cleaners to face wash to shampoo and I’m happy to say that I am living toxic free about 80% now. I want to share this information with the world now because we have one life to live and why not live it in the best possible health. So, Living Free Chick for me means Living free from toxins, from negativity, from debt (on my way!), from harmful foods.. Anything that makes me feel FREE! I want you to decide what the word FREE means to you ~

There it is! Pretty much all about me. Please bare with me, this is something totally new to me! For years I’ve told myself I wasn’t smart enough, someone else can do it better, you don’t have the knowledge or you can’t write anything good. But here I am, ready to share myself with you! xo. Shan

Stay positive. Be Happy. Live Free.

Published by livingfreechick

My name is Shannon, in August 2014 I decided to make a change in my life... Started working out on the regular, eating Clean foods 80-90% of the time and began working on my mindset. I'm here to talk to you all about food, working out, non-toxic products, dance and living a free life - whatever that means to you!

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